Welcome to MLTASA 2018

IMG_1998 MLTASA Committee Meeting

The Modern Language Teachers Association of South Australia (S.A.) is a professional association representing teachers of Languages in S.A. It is affiliated with the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Association (AFMLT).

ACTION: What can MLTASA aim to do?

  • to strengthen teachers of languages’ sense of identity as members of an exciting and respected profession
  • to offer a consultative and advisory role with regard to educational developments and innovations through the sectors and other committees and processes
  • to provide a focus and a forum for persons and organisations interested in the teaching of languages
  • to organise activities and events with a teacher focus and a public relations focus
  • to disseminate information about language teaching

PURPOSE: Why does MLTASA exist?

  • to encourage the development of identity and collegiality amongst languages professionals
  • to promote high standards of professionalism in the field of languages
  • to provide political representation for the languages teaching profession
  • to foster the articulation and development of teacher theory and practice concerning classroom languages learning
  • to facilitate official affiliation with regional, national and international association

MLTASA Commercial Members