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Professional reading/online links 2009

Curriculum Leadership 18/09/09

Students learning bilingually

The Australian 16/09/09

Language tyros lost for words

The Australian 09/09/09

Readiness translates to discipline

The Australian 02/09/09

Speak, and ye shall find knowledge

Professional reading 2008

The Age 24/03/08

Language skills push for schools

The Age 28/04/08

Learning a language is not just words

Online Opinion 12/05/08

What’s the point of teaching languages?

Online Opinion 15/05/08

Languages at School


Julia Gillard speech (National Asia Education Forum)

Herald Sun 23/05/08

Aussie kids “need second language”

The Age 24/5/08

John Hajek & Yvette Slaughter article

Online Opinion 28/05/08

Multilingualism & multiculturalism

Online Opinion 30/05/08

Languages: our primary failing